Bangalore Nightlife Guide: Discover the Top Nightclubs for an Unforgettable Evening.

Best Night Clubs In Bangalore

Best Night Clubs In Bangalore

Bangalore strikes a perfect balance between the lively party atmosphere and the introspective vibe. This city is rapidly expanding due to its growing reputation as an IT hub. Notably, Bangalore is famous for its delightful bakeries and breweries. These attractions certainly captivate tourists like us, but the city also offers an abundance of bars and clubs, ensuring that those who seek a good time and a vibrant party scene will never be disappointed. It's a guarantee!

So, while you're exploring Bangalore, be sure to indulge in the incredible nightclubs. Here's a comprehensive list of the top nightclubs in Bangalore, where you can dance the night away to the hottest tracks. Feel free to let loose, dance to some of the best beats, and savour your favourite beverage if you're a music or dance enthusiast. Bangalore boasts a sensational nightlife scene, much like Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa, and it's no wonder that most visitors absolutely love to party there.

Top 10 Nightclubs in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the liveliest nightlife destinations, and to experience it, head to the famous nightclubs in Bangalore listed below.

NoLimmits Lounge And Club  (Brigade Road) If you want to dance and groove to the latest Bollywood music at a Bangalore nightclub all night long, gather a group of friends and head to No Limits Lounge and Club. Dance to your heart's content, and once you've worked up an appetite, relax on the comfortable cushions while enjoying some delicious Chinese, Continental, or North Indian cuisine, along with cocktails or your preferred beverage.

Cost: ₹2,000 for two people

Skyye  (Vittal Mallya Road)  Considered one of the most upscale malls in Bangalore, UB City gets even cooler with the presence of Skye Lounge. If you're in Bangalore and haven't visited this lounge, you're definitely missing out.

With a dance floor beneath shimmering lights, a DJ, and the ambience of Skye Lounge, it creates a distinct atmosphere. Enjoy the breathtaking cityscape views while indulging in their refreshing beverages and savouring some delicious food.

Cost: ₹3,000 for two people.

The Byg Brewsky (Sarjapur Road) You can't be a party enthusiast and miss out on partying at The Big Brewsky! Countless people have danced the night away at this club, creating memories through dance nights. The Big Brewsky offers an ideal ambience, mood-lifting lighting, and catchy tunes. Additionally, it has a lakeside setting where you can comfortably sit and enjoy your beverage (specially crafted beer) and food in a serene atmosphere.

Cost: ₹1,800 for two people

Ice Bar And Teppanyaki  (MG Road) This club in Bangalore has made it to our list because if time in Bangalore is running according to your clock, there is no better place to spend your evening than the Ice Bar and Teppanyaki. With its stylish continental setting, it enhances the beauty of Bangalore's nightlife even more. The ambience is excellent along with the delicious food. There is also a sparkling pool for some extra decoration and liveliness. Dance on the ice all night long, freeing yourself and enjoying some fantastic DJ music with your friends. Just make sure to reserve your seats and your enjoyment in advance because it's not enjoyable for guests to be turned away at the Ice Bar without a reservation. It is one of the best nightclubs in Bangalore we are talking about, so naturally, with the crowd around, secure your seats and pleasure beforehand!

Cost: ₹2,800 for two people

Loft 38 (Indira Nagar) creates an ideal place for the dancers within you to come out in their true form. Loft 38 is one of the most happening places in Bangalore for dance enthusiasts and also the best nightclub in Bangalore for couples. Listen to groovy music, enjoy your favourite drink at Loft 38, and savour their delicious Continental, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. As soon as you enter Loft 38, the party atmosphere engulfs you, thanks to the purple neon bulbs.

Cost: ₹2,100 for two people

Vapor Pub And Brewery (Indira Nagar) Its popularity and reputation, the club is always crowded, sometimes with new people intimidated by the long waiting line outside. But isn't that exciting? So, keep waiting until you get inside and witness what the buzz is all about!

Once you're inside, you'll experience the taste of excellent handcrafted beer and get a chance to indulge in delicious multi-cuisine delights. The DJ at The Warehouse ensures to plays the right kind of music to keep the vibe alive.

Cost: ₹1,400 for two people

Prost (Koramangala)  Have you ever imagined being on a broken ship, drinking with your friends, and having a great time? Well, when you're in Bangalore, this is the nightclub you should definitely visit. Prost is probably one of the busiest nightclubs in the city.

The best part of the pub is the chalkboard where everything is written. Enjoy some delicious pizza with apple cider and hazel primer beer. Dance on the dance floor in these Bangalore pubs and keep grooving with your friends all night long.

Experience the life of a sea pirate for one night!

Cost: ₹1800 for two people

The Black Rabbit (Indira Nagar) If you're a fan of some excellent and rustic ambience, then Black Rabbit is one of the best places to have a fantastic time all night long. Although all beverage lovers will miss their microbrewery here, don't be disappointed! They have some great beer brands and cocktails to offer. You'll definitely be delighted after having smoked salmon and blood orange mimosa because it is one of the best nightclubs in Bangalore.

Cost: ₹2000 for two people

The Loveshack  (Domlur) If you want to experience a Goan vibe in Bangalore, then this nightclub is for you! The rooftop bar, Lovebirds, is an ideal hangout for you and your friends. For a fantastic romantic night with your loved one, Love Shack is one of the nightclubs in Bangalore. The lively music and the lively crowd will make the environment even more vibrant, and this nightclub is famous for its karaoke nights.

Being both tipsy and groovy at the same time can be a lifetime experience that will be etched in your memories.

Come and rock the dance floor with some of the best DJ music in Bangalore, party hard, and dance all night long! You'll definitely make a blast in these nightclubs and be ready to visit them again. You can also explore other nightclubs according to your preferences, but these are the top ten nightclubs in Bangalore that we have specifically chosen for you.

Cost: ₹1600 for two people

XU (Old Airport Road) Located in Leela Palace on Old Airport Road, XU is one of the most magnificent dining restaurants in the city. Currently, it has emerged as a hotspot for partygoers, hosting not only regular DJ nights but also hosting local band performances. They serve exquisite dishes, and the overall experience is truly enjoyable.

Cost: ₹2000 for two people

Frequently Asked Questions about Bangalore's Top Nightclubs

Ques: Are all of these clubs open round-the-clock?

Ans: No, only on Fridays are some clubs open until late.

Ques: Do these clubs have a dress code?

Ans: There isn't a clothing code, at all!

Ques: These nightclubs have valet parking, right?

Ans: Some clubs do offer valet parking, however, there are plenty of parking spots all over.

Ques: Do women have access to free drinks?

Ans: Bars and nightclubs have the choice to decide whether to provide free beverages.

Ques: Which day is ideal for visiting these clubs?

Ans: The weekends would be ideal because that is when the biggest gatherings take place.

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